Getting started

Mahyaprotein was established in 2002 by a group of activists and experts in the field of preparation and distribution of protein products with a history of about 2 generations. Initially, it was one of the first companies to enter this new industry by cutting and packaging red meat products (mutton-beef). Mahya Protein became one of the most demanded brands in the market in the early years due to its high quality and respect for customers’ rights.

Development and growth

With the care of God Almighty and the plan of the founders of Mahya Protein and special attention to the quality of products produced by Mahya Protein brand was welcomed by customers. In 138x, the number of products produced by Mahya protein reached x

Respond to market needs

After the addition of minced meat in the portfolio of Mahya Protein products, the vacancy of white meat was tangible and for the development of the collection and better service, the founders supplied white meat (chicken).

Establishment of the Meat and Poultry Industry Employers Association

With the increase of meat and poultry packaging companies and the need to monitor the quality and standard of producers, at the suggestion of the founders of Mahya Protein as the founders of this industry, a union called the Association of Meat and Poultry Industry Employers was formed. One of the most important goals of this organization is to mention: having a constructive interaction between the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade, having an interaction with the Ministry of Agriculture, observing the regulatory issues of the Veterinary Organization, the Food and Drug Administration