A selection of the honors of serving our compatriots

Continuous efforts to increase quality and customer satisfaction, along with the goal of benefiting all our compatriots in the country from protein products, have always been accompanied by honors along the way, some of which you can see.

A turning point in the industry

تولید گوشت و مرغ بسته‌بندی

Production of packaged meat and poultry


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Contact us

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No. 2, East Kaj Alley, North Farzin Street, West Baqerkhan Street, Tehran

Phone : 66909040

Email : Info@darkhor.com

Move forward steadily

In three different generations

Continuous effort, patience and having a proper strategy are the requirements for success in different dimensions of an individual in all aspects, having a complete set of such people is the most important asset of the industrial group.

Benefit to all compatriots

From quality protein products